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Tickets booking

Nizamsi Events Management company helps you getting sponsors for: 

  • Celebrity Performance, Concerts, Ticketing / Charity Events
  • Exhibitions / Trade Fair/ Food Festivals/ Shopping Festivals 
  • Annual Event or Festivals of College / Universities 
  • Conferences on Specific Topic 
  • Marketing & Activations 
  • Sports Competitions 
  • Fashion Shows 
  • Corporate Annual Meet
  • Awards 

The key to choosing the best sponsor for your event is to fully understand your event goals, know what you want out of sponsorship, and get really clear 

how your event provides value to potential sponsors.

Our Process :   

  • Event Relevance and Marketing Analysis 
  • Deliverables and Cost Analysis 
  • Audience Profiling 
  • Official Contract of Agreement
  • Identify Preliminary Sponsor Targets
  • Begin Contacting Potential Sponsors Nationally 
  • Sponsorship Revenue Confirmations 

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