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Nizamsi event management has helped events of various media houses, digital platforms, colleges (IIT’s, NIT’s, IIM’s etc), fashion shows and exhibitions with Relevant Sponsorship. we have partnered with Corporates, NGOs, colleges across India, Fashion Designers, Newspapers, and with TV Channels. 

If you are creating an event with broad appeal, especially if there exists the potential to attract a large number of people, then you might have the option of recruiting event sponsors to pay the expenses. The opportunity is even greater if the event is for charity, but for-profit events still represent a marketing opportunity to companies with an interest in your audience.

“Sponsorship can enhance a company’s image and visibility; differentiate the company from competitors; help develop closer relationships with current and prospective customers; showcase products and services; unload obsolete inventory; and allow the company to compete more effectively against bigger firms that have much larger advertising budgets. In addition, tickets to sponsored events can be used as incentives for employees, vendors, and customers and to promote worker loyalty. And proponents say that if sponsorships are well-conceived and strategic, they can boost sales—both long-term and short-term—as they improve the 

community through the events they support.” 

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