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we quickly started focusing on developing our event planning and experiential marketing solutions in India.

We help brands create a seamless end-to-end experience for their audience and deliver immersive experiences that lead to unforgettable memories.

Having experience working with clients in the IT, Healthcare, Financial Services, Government and Real Estate sectors, Nizamsi soon become one of the front running event management companies in Mumbai, India. However, we quickly realized that to curate a thoroughly remarkable event, we needed to focus on customer experience.

‘Reach the Right People, through the Right Channels, with the Right Message.’

Nizamsi excels at providing superior communications solution in all phases of experiential campaigns through database management and response management expertise our specialists bring on the table.

Communication is key in any campaign. Our integrated marketing services are designed to reach your target audience at multiple touch-points. Our specialists create end-to-end 360-degree holistic campaigns to drive engagement across online, offline and social channels as part of our integrated marketing solutions.


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