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We’re experience finders and enablers of fun, with tickets to everything from the latest in live sports events, to music festivals and concerts, standup comedy and open mic shows, food and shopping festivals, theatre, workshops and then some.

Why do we love it?

We’re big believers in the transformational power of shared experiences, and the ability of creative arts and technology to drive change in ourselves and our communities. Outside of figuring out when your friend is free, we make sure we get you the experiences you love, or will fall in love with, and get you there fast.

Why fast?

Because nobody should mess with your weekend.

Let’s hang out!


Our mission is to ensure that
every guest has a wonderful event experience

Nizamsi is India’s leading network of trusted venues that provides best in class services to clients for Wedding, Parties and Corporate events. Our venues have a wide range of properties such as Hotels, Banquet Halls, Lounges, Lawn, Resorts, Seminar Halls, Conference Halls and Corporate training centres.
Nizamsi portal captures user requirements in detail and provides the best suited venues for their event automatically. It also gives a virtual tour of venues and real-time availability.

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